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If you’re seeking to make operational efficiency improvements in your business, look no further than OBC Lean Solutions. We specialise in streamlining operations, optimising material flow, and eliminating waste through the use of Lean Systems, Process and Tools to empower your journey towards sustained performance improvement. With our expertise and proven track record, you can trust us to deliver the desired results.

Why Choose OBC?

  • Comprehensive industry-specific experience in Manufacturing, Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management within Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics environments from several blue-chip organisations
  • Leaders in manufacturing improvement in the UK
  • Tailored skill set for achieving manufacturing excellence
  • Objective, Balanced, and Considered approach to Lean Solutions

How We Collaborate:

Our flexible collaboration options often start with a detailed diagnostic activity, uncovering the root causes of constraints and issues within your operations. It’s a risk-free opportunity to witness our expertise in action, assuring you of our transformation capabilities.

Choose OBC Lean Solutions for unmatched growth and prosperity—partner with the UK’s specialised, results-driven provider for operations and supply chain improvement. Together, we’ll elevate your manufacturing organisation to new heights of success.

Don’t let challenges hold you back. Consult OBC Lean Solutions today to unlock your manufacturing potential.

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OBC’s industry experience and Lean knowledge were instrumental in challenging us on how effectively we problem solve, drive accountability and reduce defects in our end-to-end processes. Due to OBC’s coaching and support, we completed the introduction of a focused methodology for the management of ‘internal quality’ and established alignment in measurement and targets for our shop-floor KPIs.

Laurent Delcher  |  Plant Manager, Caterpillar Work Tools (Europe)

OBC’s strength lies in their ability to quickly understand, visualise, and describe how processes work, or why they don’t work, and explain what can be done to improve those processes in a simple-to-understand way. They were able to quickly grasp and understand what was going on in my department and identify the big opportunities for us to improve our performance.

Fredrik Lönn  |  Engineering Design Manager,   Heavy Marine Products Manufacturing