At OBC Lean Solutions, our expertise lies in analysing processes and how material and information flows within your operations and supply chains. We pinpoint inefficiencies and bottlenecks, addressing them to achieve the following:

Optimised Operations: Our systematic analysis guarantees more cost-effective and efficient processes, resulting in streamlined operations, better employee engagement, improved quality, decreased inventory levels and waste elimination.

Quality Improvement: We implement companywide improvement programs using structured problem-solving and quality gates. This reduces costs, enhances capabilities, and boosts product and service quality, elevating your company’s reputation.

Targeted Process Improvements: We identify operational inefficiencies across various domains. This leads to fine-tuned processes, optimised resource allocation, and significantly improved overall performance, making your organisation more agile and responsive to market demands.

Comprehensive Toolset: Utilising an extensive suite of tools, we map information flow, build company-wide quality initiatives, and direct process-specific improvements. Our data-driven approach guarantees operational efficiency, product quality, and performance enhancements, positioning you for long-term success.

Our Expertise

Enhancing Process Capacity: We excel in thoroughly analysing data, to drive improved asset utilisation, reduce time spent on changeovers and enhance process capacity.

Visual Performance Management: Our expertise in organisation-wide policy deployment and visual performance management ensures organisational alignment towards common goals, fostering better communication, increased accountability, and a unified focus on continuous improvement for all employees.

Lean Principles in Project Management: We transform projects by seamlessly integrating lean principles into project management. This streamlines processes, eliminates waste, enhances collaboration, and empowers organisations to achieve higher efficiency, productivity, and overall success.

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Your Path to Success

OBC Lean Solutions has decades of experience in operations, logistics, quality management, and Lean Six Sigma. 

We are the trusted partners who can help you define and achieve your performance improvement goals quickly and efficiently. Our proven track record of delivering operational excellence will ensure you can become a leader in your field.

Unlock your full potential with OBC Lean Solutions today.

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“OBC’s strength lies in their ability to quickly understand, visualise, and describe how processes work, or why they don’t work, and explain what can be done to improve those processes in a simple-to-understand way. They were able to quickly grasp and understand what was going on in my department and identify the big opportunities for us to improve our performance.”

Fredrik Lönn | 

Engineering Design Manager, Heavy Marine Products Manufacturing