8x Return on Investment

OBC Lean Solutions led a comprehensive DMAIC Six Sigma project that spanned five months. The project involved a detailed analysis of the company’s operations to identify and implement improvement to optimise efficiency and reduce costs.

The project team implemented several actions, including changing work schedules, releasing temporary workers, suspending overtime and night shifts, ending unnecessary equipment contracts, and reducing energy consumption. These actions resulted from a detailed analysis of the company’s operations, which identified areas that could be improved.

Despite the initial project cost of £40k, the result was impressive. The project yielded an eight-fold return on investment within 5 months, with a significant cost reduction of £339k. This cost reduction was achieved through process improvements, workforce optimisation, and energy-saving measures.

The success of the project was a testament to our expertise and dedication. The detailed analysis and implementation of practical solutions resulted in significant improvements in the company’s operations and finances.